Purchaser and Seller Representation

The commercial real estate attorneys at Piedmont Law Group represent both purchasers and sellers in transactions throughout the state of Georgia. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge, regardless of whether they are buying or selling commercial property.

For purchasers, we represent the client throughout the process from the very beginning, including negotiating the terms of the contract and ensuring that the terms meet the buyer's needs and goals. We can provide escrow services or work with another escrow agent. Completing due diligence is an essential part of every purchase to ensure that everything is in order. It includes reviewing or conducting the title examination, reviewing the title insurance commitment and survey, as well as reviewing other due diligence documents. We prepare or examine every document that is part of the transaction. Through our title insurance services, we are able to provide a title insurance policy at closing.

For sellers, the process is less complex but just as critical. We represent the seller in contract negotiations and review all the transaction documents. When necessary, we work to resolve issues that arise during the title examination, survey review, and due diligence process.

For more information about our Georgia purchaser and seller representation, contact our Atlanta commercial real estate attorneys.