Full Abstract, Limited Certificates of Title and Certificates of Title

Our Georgia title services at Piedmont Law Group are tailored to meet each client’s circumstances and needs. We provide a range of services, including full abstracts, limited certificates of title, and certificates of title. Our title examination services extend throughout the state, across all 159 Georgia counties.

In Georgia, a full abstract for real property includes a summary of documents found in our public records search, including the history of ownership for the past 50 years, as well as all claims or limitations on the property such as easements, mortgages and loans, liens, judgments, and real property taxes. A full abstract provides the basis for securing title insurance.

A limited certificate of title covers a title examination for a period of less than 50 years. The scope is defined by the client’s needs. Limited certificates are sometimes requested when a lender or developer needs only a limited title examination to provide an overview of current ownership and liens in conjunction with a transaction that does not involve transfer of the property.

Piedmont Law Group’s services include issuing a certificate of title based on a title examination covering 50 years, stating our opinion on the condition of the title as of the effective date of the county records. Certificates are requested by clients when title insurance is not necessary, title is not insurable, or in more specific circumstances based on the client’s needs. We provide certificates of title to clients regardless of whether the title insurance is issued through Piedmont Law Group or through the client’s source.

For more information about our Georgia title examination services, contact our Atlanta commercial real estate attorneys.

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